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About Bernadette van Jaarsveld Massage Therapist

 Bernadette van Jaarsveld   

 became a Massage Therapist in June 2017 after graduating from the Massage Training Institute in Norwich with a Level 4 Diploma. 

In 2018 she furthered her skill set by training to do Pregnancy Massage, as well as Holistic Hot Stones 


She feels that immersing herself in continuous professional development courses, is crucial in enabling her to provide the best massage therapy for her clients.


She also believes that human touch can positively affect a person by bringing much needed calm and relaxation, pain relief, easing stress both physically and emotionally. Bernadette loves using  massage to help those with chronic pain issues find relief.

Bernadette  specialises  in:

Holistic  Massage 

Deep Tissue  Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Holistic  Hot Stone  Massage

Relaxation  Massage


Offering treatments tailored to your individual needs.  She draws on a range of different techniques, aimed to help with pain management,  relaxation, physical and emotional stress, muscle pain and provide you with a sense of well-being. 

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